What Gear Should We Get?

Cross Country has lots of gear you can buy to help with practices and meets. Below you will find some ideas for things to get your runner.

Gear Ideas

Garmin Watch. This is a must have to know how far you are running each day. It is highly recommended that each athlete on the team have a Garmin.

Running shoes are the most important item for a cross country athlete. You can get custom shoe fits at Salt Lake Running Company and RunGr8.

Massage Gun. These little devices can really help with sore muscles and tendons, and can break up scar tissue that builds up. Highly recommended!

Sunscreen. All athletes should be wearing sunscreen each day to protect against sun damage. You can't see it now, but you will later.

Hydroflask Water Bottle - a great way to have water with you at all times. Herriman has multiple water bottle fill-up stations to keep these full, and athletes hydrated.

Winter jackets, gloves, stocking caps, tights, and pants are all important for this indoor season. Click Here for ideas.

Extra grip can be helpful out there on the ice and snow. Click Here for Ice Spikes for winter running.